Miss Florida Jr. High 2018 Maddy Boehm visits Lee Wetherington Boys & Girls Club

Maddy Boehm with Boys & Girls Club members. Photo by Kayleigh Omang with The Observer.

On January 9, Miss Florida Jr. High 2018 Maddy Boehm brought her platform “No Drugs, No Problems” to 75 Lee Wetherington Boys & Girls Club members and encouraged them to say no to drugs and peer pressure. Maddy, who is also in 8th grade at Pine View School, educated the Club members on the negative effects of drugs, and ways in which they can live a healthy lifestyle.

This presentation was made possible thanks to a Disney Be Inspired grant in partnership with Youth Service America (YSA), which empowers youth with financial support to lead meaningful projects in their communities.

“It was a pleasure to speak with these Boys & Girls Club members today,” said Maddy. “I hope that they feel empowered to use their voice and make positive choices that will help them achieve their full potential.”

At the end of the presentation, Maddy gifted each Club member a key chain with an important reminder of the five preventative steps they can take that will help them live positive, healthy lives.

“Youth need to avoid negative situations, find strength in numbers, walk away from negative situation, say ‘no’ to harmful substances with a reason or excuse and change the subject whenever this dangerous topic is brought up,” said Maddy.

Maddy Boehm won Miss Florida Jr. High on November 4, 2017, and will go on to represent Florida at the National competition in Little Rock, Arkansas, in June 2018.