St. Martha Catholic School students roll up their sleeves at the Lee Wetherington Club

Thursday, February 2, was St. Martha Catholic School’s Day of Service where the entire student population was sent out to into the community to complete volunteer projects. We were honored to be chosen as a volunteer project site where 60 of the school’s students roll up their sleeves to beautify our Lee Wetherington Boys & Girls Club with their teachers.

Under the guidance of our Volunteer Coordinator Dawn Bouck, the students spent the day picking up trash around the facility, wiping down tables and chairs, organizing books in our library and weeding and watering our garden.

“Everybody worked hard and their help really made a difference,” she said.

After the service project was completed, the students ate lunch and enjoyed free time on the Club’s playground and outside courts, as well as, inside the Junior Game Room.

The 8th grade students toured our Tom & Debbie Shapiro Career Resource Center and were encouraged to get involved in current program opportunities.

“This was a great day, a great partnership and a great group of students!” said Bouck.

Thank you to all of the hard-working students and teachers from St. Martha Catholic School!

If you are interested in volunteering at one of our five Club locations, please contact Dawn Bouck at 941-366-7940.