The Tom and Debbie Shapiro Career Resource Center

The Tom and Debbie Shapiro Career Resource Center is designed to foster success and future employability, as positive members of both social and work communities, through learning both career soft skills and self-regulation.

crc-open-6News: CRC called “Model For Our Nation.”

Participants will create original multimedia projects profiling in-demand careers, highlighting family-sustaining technical professions, while documenting both the story of their own current lives and visions for their futures. Participants will also engage explorations of topics related to entrepreneurship, workplace soft-skill, career paths, and financial literacy.

Our program will always be “Demand Driven.” As of the publishing of this page, the CRC will be focusing on the culinary arts and the building/construction trades including:

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Carpentry

Other topics covered include: mindfulness, emotional intelligence, professional body language, positive communication skills, community/team building, and financial awareness—along with deportment, physical appearance and attire for success. Participants will also be encouraged to envision and plan for their futures through the power of storytelling.